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Algas Rojas cream 200ml

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It enhances fragmentation and dissolution of fat nodules and improves orange-peel skin appearance, leaving it firmer, smoother and softer. It activates microcirculation and toxin drainage. It features the LIPOLIMIT FACTOR active complex, with Forskolin, Ruscus and L-Arginine, which offers the most effective lipolytic, modelling and volume-reducing properties. It activates the combustion process of fatty acids by cells, with the reduction of adipose tissue synthesis and the production of proteins, increasing basal metabolism. The high red seaweed concentration allows the activation of cellular metabolism of fat and sugar cells, and also nourishes tissues in order to repair tissue dysfunctions. Iodine collagen peptides and menthol complete the formula, activating cutaneous microcirculation and improving drainage and toxin elimination, therefore reducing associated volume.
Use: Skin is thoroughly cleaned with Vital Line Make-Up Remover and Toner, and an exfoliation is performed with Peeling Plus and 10 drops of Olimax Cell. Skin is toned with Eau Verd and a quarter of the Red Seaweed Concentrate is applied. Then, use this RED SEAWEED CREAM to perform a manual massage (lymphatic or circulatory drainage) or a mechanical massage (vacuumtherapy) for 30 to 40 mins., according to the suggested program. The treatment is finalised with Argi Mask Red, applied as a mask, and a manual massage using a mixture of the cream and the remaining part of the concentrate.

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